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These are the toys and activities that are the biggest hits in our house right now! I try to get toys that can be used for more than one purpose so that they can really keep Connor’s interest and last a while. I also try not to get too many toys that require batteries because they are usually single-purpose toys (with some exceptions!) and whenever possible I want to play WITH Connor and have face-to-face interactions (which are #1 for developing language!) and open-ended toys allow for this easier. Obviously, independent play is also an important skill too, so I do give him time to play by himself and we do have some toys with batteries that he absolutely loves. Here is our list:

  • Shopping Cart – This is hands down Connor’s favorite toy right now. He pushes it ALL over the house and loves pushing his stuffed animals or baby around. He collects random things around the house and puts them into his cart. 
  • Shape Sorter– I bought this a while ago and he needed a lot of help with it. Now he’s able to do some of the shapes entirely by himself and others he can get in if we point to where it goes. He is also beginning to name some shapes! The carrying case is awesome- we have brought this toy on trips with us because it travels so well. 
  • Baby Doll – I wanted Connor to have a baby doll because they are GREAT for pretend play. He took to it quickly and really likes playing with it! He gives it a pacifier or bottle and even pushes it around in his shopping cart. Toys | Busy Girl Healthy World
  • Farm Knob Puzzle – We had this farm puzzle since Christmas, but he is really beginning to like it now. Aside from just doing the puzzle, we name the animals, make the animal sounds, and sing Old MacDonald and use the wooden pieces as props. I’m all about toys you can use for more than one purpose! Toys | Busy Girl Healthy World
  • Trucks – Connor is truck obsessed, so we have been forming quite the collection, but we especially love Green Toys Trucks. He loves the fire truck and the recycle truck. I bought large pom poms from the craft store, and we push them through the sides of the recycle truck. We name the colors and talk about pushing them in, opening/closing the back, taking them out the back, etc. He loves it! He also loves the Melissa and Doug Safari truck. It’s more than just a truck- it’s essentially a shape sorter with animals, and Connor can also play with the animals without the truck. 
  • MegaBloks – We got these for Christmas and originally he just wanted to knock down whatever we built, but now he is beginning to build, too. He likes driving the little cars through tunnels we make. He even enjoys dumping them out and putting them back in the bag which doesn’t sound like much fun but is a lifesaving activity if mom or dad needs a minute to get something done around the house!Toys | Busy Girl Healthy World
  • Big Foam Climbing Blocks – One of our best toy purchases to date. The way he uses these has changed and evolved as he has gotten older. He uses the slanted block as a ramp, pushes the blocks against the couch to use as a step stool to get up and down, carries them around, stacks them, knocks them over, you name it- he does it! 
  • Pull Back Cars/Trucks – My mom got him these and he is more obsessed with them every day. We keep two downstairs and two upstairs so they are never too far away. 
  • Green Toys Ferry Boat Bath Toy – Perfect for a kid that loves cars and trucks! The ferry boat comes with 2 cars and a ramp pulls out so that you can slide the cars into the water. Connor literally doesn’t want to get out the tub when we put this in for him to play with. 
  • Xylophone Pull Toy – Pull toys are always a hit with this age, and Connor loves this xylophone one that my sister got him. Again- I love toys that can be used in more than one way!  He uses it to play music, but also pulls it around or drives it like a car. 
  • Vacuum Toy – This toy was an instant favorite and he uses it almost daily (and an exception to my thoughts on toys with batteries because it’s great for pretend play!). He has taken a big interest in watching us clean and wanting to help. I also have my eye on this Melissa and Doug cleaning set because I think he will really enjoy it.

Toys | Busy Girl Healthy World

  • Ride-On Jeep – This one is expensive, but a HUGE hit. It was a gift from my Poppop and initially I thought Connor was way too young to use it, but he honestly loves it. We love that we can control it with a remote, and when he gets older he can drive it himself. It’s also a favorite during play dates!  
  • Radio Flyer Bike– Not only does he love “riding” (aka sitting on and being pushed) this bike, but he loves pushing it all around our driveway. This was a birthday gift from Connor’s aunt and uncle, but it’s a really good bang for your buck because it grows with your child.

  • Water Table – Summer is almost over, but we got a lot of use out of this water table and I know we will continue to use it throughout the next few years! Such a lifesaver on hot days!

Toys | Busy Girl Healthy World

What are/were you kiddos favorite toys at this age?! I’m always looking for more ideas for my little one!

PS. The toy organizer in the top photo is linked here.

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